Foreign workers like Obama |

Foreign workers like Obama

Emma Brown
Vail Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” If the resort’s foreign workers were voting, a unscientific poll shows Barack Obama would win by a landslide. Even foreigners who had aligned themselves with Republican ideals say they are now supporting the Democratic Party.

Foreigners living in or visiting the United States from countries ranging from Australia, France, Czech Republic, Mexico, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Japan and Canada have strong opinions on the presidential race even though most of them cannot vote.

“Obama to win ” America needs change ” they have been living in the dark ages for too long, he is the only thing that can help the empire because the empire is crumbling,” said Sophie Agostini, a human resources assistant from Australia.

Rae Busold, from Australia, said she would vote Republican, but prefers Sarah Palin to than John McCain. She also believes that that Bush has been in for too long.

Those interviewed said the United States needs change. Most believe that Bush has left the country in an economic crisis.

“We need change in this country; Obama is definitely a good candidate for change,” said Monica Burk, a spa front desk manager from Chile. “When I was at home I would call myself a Republican but now am definitely a Democrat.”

Foreigners workers said that Obama has potential as an international leader, because he is in tune with the world. They liked his opposition to Iraq.

“I hope Obama wins, I think he is a better candidate due to Iraq,” Yosuke Seki, a massage therapist from Japan said.

Latino workers also feel that they will get more support from Obama.

“(It is) long due for the United States to have a minority candidate and the first step has been taken and I think he could lead us to an evolutionary journey into the future,” said Ibrahim Ovarkan, a banquet worker from Mexico

Rocio Velasco, a housekeeper from Peru, said of the Latino community: “We are thinking why did we vote for Bush, we lost our job, our house ” it’s hard for Hispanic people, we are grateful for a job.

“Obama is thinking of the minority people ” black and Latinos ” he has God and he thinks for the family,” Velasco said.

Only Ryan Kirkman, a painter, said he would vote for McCain, based on McCain’s experience.

“Obama is a good public speaker but that is all he has going for him,” Kirkman said. “Here politics is very organized compared to back home in South Africa which is a farce.”

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