Forest Service replacing culvert on Missouri Creek Road

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — The Forest Service will be installing a permanent road-stream crossing on the Missouri Creek Road (National Forest System Road 704) at Fancy Creek. Work is planned for Sept. 16-27. During construction, access to the road will be prohibited. Forest users may wish to utilize alternative recreation areas during this time. There will be no passenger vehicle access to or from the Missouri Lakes Trailhead or the Fancy Lake Trailhead parking lots during the road closure.

This project is part of an ongoing Forest Service program to replace under-sized corrugated metal culverts with structures that are designed to better handle peak stream flows and provide easier passage for fish and other aquatic animals. The new structures are wider than a round culvert and have an open bottom allowing the stream channel to maintain more of its natural characteristics. This design, in turn, allows aquatic organisms to more freely move up and down the stream channel. These new passages are also less likely to catch woody debris that can block a culvert and cause damaging flooding during periods of high water.

For more information, call the Holy Cross Ranger District at 970-827-5715.

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