Forget about the survey |

Forget about the survey

Don Rogers

Survey says that Minturn residents most prize their smalltown charm, the scenery and especially the river running through.So what are their leaders doing with that knowledge? Why aiming to sell out their town for more homes upstream than the entire current population. For some sidewalks and a new sewer plant, among other trinkets.Traffic on Highway 24 ought to be interesting, along with wildlife migration and oh, maybe triple Minturn’s population, mainly in part-time residents skiing on their private slopes and golfing on their private course.Smalltown charm? A patina, perhaps, someday, after the ruggedly and proudly local townsfolk who have lived in Minturn for generations find it’s awfully hard to afford staying in what was once their town. If they have issues with those snooty Vail folks, imagine how they’ll feel about these new fabulously wealthy strangers filling in all that scenery up to Red Cliff.Certainly Councilman Tom Sullivan, who already has sold out for his $6 million, and former town official and Eagle County Commissioner Michael Gallag-her, now in the employ of the developer, can be relied upon to spread the good word. Why, sure.But rest assured that as your town’s leaders hustle up items for their goodie list to ask of Bobby Ginn and speak all too openly of “hitting the jackpot,” it ain’t the survey results from their citizens they are particularly concerned with.Pretty much, you can kiss your town as it is goodbye. Ah well, there will still be a river running through. At least that much of Minturn should be recognizable in a decade or so.Vail, Colorado

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