Forget the dollar menu in Beaver Creek |

Forget the dollar menu in Beaver Creek

Dustin Racioppi
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado” Not everybody has nearly $50 for lunch, so one man just went ahead and stole it from a Beaver Creek, Colorado shop on Jan. 20.

An employee said they saw the man stuff sushi in his pockets, then grabbed a drink from the fountain, which he said was a refill, one of the free items at the shop.

But he took more than that. When a manager confronted him about the sushi, she saw he’d also stuffed a Sobe Life Water in his pocket. He claimed he got it at another store, but she clued him in that her store was the only one that sold them. She also noticed the man had a burrito tucked beneath a pair of ski gloves in his helmet. He admitted to taking the burrito, apologized and decided it was time to go.

He put on his skis and took off with ski patrol shortly behind him. They weren’t able to catch him and the deputies didn’t have any luck, either.

The man successfully escaped with the burrito, the drink, the sushi, a combo roll, a seaweed salad and a coffee ” estimated to cost $48.75.

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