Form in Edwards offers personalized training, bike fit services |

Form in Edwards offers personalized training, bike fit services

EDWARDS — Form Attainment Studio in Edwards (formerly FitLoft) celebrates a new name and the same customized services with a Stretch and Ride event on July 26.

The studio, which specializes in endurance fitness, bicycle fitting and functional training, will host a free event that starts with a stretching session and continues with group rides for various abilities led by Form trainers. Stretching led by Form neighbor Laina Eskin, of Align Vail physical therapy, starts at 7 a.m., and the ride rolling out around 8 a.m.

“We are changing our name, but still offering the same great customized services,” said Form owner and coach Jake Wells. “We represent the coalescence of dynamic bike fit, functional personal training and professional endurance coaching in a unpretentious, membership-free studio.”


At Form, Wells works with personal trainer Curt Nash to help clients create a personalized fitness program that takes a person’s movement restrictions and compensations into consideration.

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Additionally, Wells coaches cyclists, runners and triathletes and also specializes in Retul bike fits, a system that captures a rider’s form and position while they are in motion.


The fitness studio also takes your body’s functionality, flexibility and your pains and injuries into account with the help of massage therapist Linda Wells and functional movement therapist Laina Eskin, of Align Vail.

“The most unique element to our business is that we have an all encompassing outlook to your holistic health,” said Wells. “We work in conjunction with our next-door neighbors Linda Wells Massage and Align Vail, which allows us to give a complete and comprehensive approach to one’s health and wellbeing.”

For more information on the Stretch and Ride event or on Form Attainment Studio, call 970-390-9682 or go to

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