Former Avon councilor checks in |

Former Avon councilor checks in

Clinton Watkins

Clinton E. Watkins, a former resident of Avon, the first municipal judge of Avon, and who later served as a town councilman, was recently admitted to the practice of law in Ecuador after having received recognition of the degree “Abogado De Los Tribunales y Juzgados De La Republic Del Ecuador.”

Prior to moving to Ecuador in 2005, Clinton resided in the Florida Keys in Islamorada where he practiced law, ran a nonprofit company, and invested in real estate. A graduate of the University of Denver College of Law in 1971, he also earned a degree in ocean and coastal law at the University of Miami in 1994. Clinton resides in Manta Ecuador, a short distance south of the equator, where he owns and operates M.R. Frogs Hosteria. The Hosteria overlooks the Pacific Ocean at Piedra Larga Beach and consists of a restaurant, bar, and cabanas. It has an open-air design of bamboo and thatched roof construction. Manta is a rapidly growing city with a deep water port that is currently being greatly expanded. The airport has the best runway in all of South America, thanks to the small U.S. air base located there, and the airport is in the process of becoming international. The climate at Piedra Larga Beach is near perfect year round. Clinton may be contacted at

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