Former Mexican treasury secretary dead |

Former Mexican treasury secretary dead

MEXICO CITY – Antonio Ortiz Mena, former Mexican treasury secretary under two presidents and a recognized financial wizard who oversaw a period of successful stable economic growth and industrialization, has died, Mexican news media reported Tuesday. He was 99.Ortiz died Monday at a hospital in Mexico City, the reports said. The public relations office at Mexico’s Treasury Department said it did not have any additional details.Ortiz served under Presidents Adolfo Lopez Mateos and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, from 1958-64 and 1964-1970, respectively. He also was a founding governor of and the second president of the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank, serving in the latter role from 1971 to 1987.As treasurer he maintained good relations with the private business community while overseeing a state-dominated economy, according to Mexican historian Enrique Krauze in his book “Mexico, Biography of Power.”A member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Ortiz was a presidential hopeful during the a time when the long-ruling party still hand-picked the nation’s presidents. But then-President Diaz Ordaz ended up choosing Luis Echeverria instead.

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