Former Vail-based turntablist returns to Samana Lounge Saturday |

Former Vail-based turntablist returns to Samana Lounge Saturday

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado –After leaving Vail last spring, DJ Peter Blick and his wife Nina spent six months in Austin, Tex. and finally settled in San Francisco.

They haven’t forgotten their Vail roots though, and Blick is back spinning at Samana Lounge in Vail this weekend. Saturday night he’ll be playing an eclectic mix of party rocking jams. Sunday night he’ll be joined by DJ Mo’Rockin for dubstep night, music that will blur the lines between dubstep, glitch, hip hop and more.

“Dubstep is a genre that is blowing up in many major national and international cities. … Basically, it’s a night very heavy on bass. It’s being billed as a dubstep night and there will be lots but basically it would be hard to handle four hours of that beat and single genre so we are gonna mess with it.”

Vail Daily: How long ago did you leave Vail?

Peter Blick: Austin was a very cool city, but wow was it hot. We gave it some effort and after a while of frustration – musically and work-wise – felt like we would be better off out west. Our good friends who came to visit Austin were opening a restaurant inside Brunos in the Mission District of San Francisco. Soon after they encouraged us to move to San Fran. We were happy to move out west where we had lots of friends and family, the best electronic music scene and all the amazing things California has to offer – Sonoma coast, Monterey, Tahoe, Santa Barbara, Yosemite, the city itself – is endless.

VD: Tell me what you’ve been up to most recently? Are you DJ’ing full time?

PB: I have been DJing at Brunos a lot and playing a wide variety of music so it keeps me challenged to dig for non-party music (great dinner listening music). I am also playing some club hours, which keeps me happy being able to rock music with some energy and where there is constant response. I am also playing some random club dates around the city and getting a feel for the spots I would like to play more often. I am also looking into promoting bands and DJs out here and looking for the right opportunities. Samana in Vail has also kept me busy with gigs, which is always nice to come back and rock out and hang with our amazing crew there. I feel like Samana has to be one of the best clubs I have been to when it is rocking in the winter.

VD: Tell me about a recent, memorable gig.

PB: A recent memorable gig was an after hours party that was raging pretty hard in Vail. (I won’t) go into specifics but the energy was really rockin’ since it was random and not something that happens on a nightly basis.

VD: How does the music scene there compare to our scene?

PB: The music scene in San Fran has to compare with the best in the world. There are lots of great clubs, promoters and DJs, which keeps the scene fresh. It is also home turf for lots of Burning Man camps and activity, so you find a lot of people doing what they do for the love. This is great but it can also impose financial restraints on DJs and promoters who try and make their life in music, so it is challenging.

The Vail scene has a lot to offer for a small town. Lots of national and international artists like to play here and the crowd seems pretty responsive to them. Also, there has been some great acts coming out of Colorado over the last few years – Pretty Lights just blew up huge. Two years ago we had them at Samana for about 80 people. Now they are playing big venues and festivals.

VD: What do you miss most about Vail?

PB: Our crew of peeps, snowboarding and flyfishing. However, I have been out there so much this winter that I am currently content with the situation.

VD: What are you most excited about right now with the electronic music scene?

PB: Artists and DJs who are blurring the lines of music genres. Not just cheesy mashup DJs – that will run its course soon. I am talking about acts like Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, Bassnectar, Kraak n Smaak, Layo and Bushwacka and Smalltown DJs. I am also enjoying the fusion of indie rock and electronic. It feels like music went backwards 20 years to solid stuff like New Order and Depeche Mode. Solid programming with live instrumentation and vocals. Acts like Cut Copy, MGMT, Vitalic, the XX, Chromeo. My two favorite record labels right now are DirtyBird and Wolf + Lamb.

VD: Who would your dream group/musician/band be to perform with?

PB: I would love to open for Chemical Brothers. I could take the audience for a ride and bring it as heavy as I want to knowing that with them playing after me, it can only get five times heavier so I am not stepping on toes.

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