Former Vail local collecting for brain injury group |

Former Vail local collecting for brain injury group

Jeff Champagne
Vail, CO, Colorado

How y’all doing? Some of you may remember me from 1988-02. I was the first “victim” in Sean Hadden’s “The Locals Corner.” Because of that, I was called “Superlocal” for years by many people.

I cooked in some of Vail’s greatest restaurants, tended bar at Vail’s neighborhood bar, The Sundance, and did deli, seafood and meat at City Market in Avon.

I went for a winter to ski, and when new friends told me I had to check out the summers, well, the cycle began.

I loved working the Mountain Challenge, Norba races, and was pretty good at partying my butt off, too. The nightlife kept me busy when I wasn’t busy working.

Partying with The Shakedown Boys was fun as heck!

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I had some great wipeouts skiing-snowbooarding, and a particular favorite birthday party (free Grand Marnier) at the ampitheatre featuring The Allman Brothers. I’m lucky because all I broke was my glasses.

Had that Lasik surgery done a few years ago. Fighting prostate cancer, which killed my father last year and took my idol Frank Zappa in 1993.

Breaking three discs in my back two years ago mountain biking certainly was not a picnic, but it’s a brain injury that can really mess you up.

I had a shortcut I took to work in Avon that shattered my helmet and could have killed me.

But it was walking into my living room with my cane that really got me. I was at Maine Medical Center for two months before being discharged to this facility in New Hampshire. Maine doesn’t have this kind of treatment facility.

I’m getting a lot better and the next time I can strap on a board, I hope it’s up on the Continental Divide.

Can you please make a donation for me. Brain injury is some serious stuff that can because of a fall on skates, skis, snowboard, skateboard, snowmobile, ice fishing, mountain climbing, hiking, snowshoeing or just plain ol’ drunkenly falling down.

The national Brain Injury Association gives out helmets to Kids, uses programs to make people aware of how serious this problem is and how to prevent it.

I didn’t do anything exciting to crack my head open. I was walking into my apartment with my cane from the back injury and I tripped over the thing, which rapidly catapulted my head into the coffee table Chris Farley style.

Please contact Sue at stidd@biame to get more information or go to the BIAME “Walk for Thought” site to make a donation. If I collect enough, I might get a sweatshirt instead of a T-shirt. This fall will be New Hampshire’s “Walk by the Sea.” The last time the USA was having economic woes, I didn’t recall that, and then I remembered: Oh yeah, I was in Vail. Party on, Wayne. Thank you.

Jeff Champagne

Falmouth, Maine

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