Foundation looking to help Vail Valley projects |

Foundation looking to help Vail Valley projects

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Terry Herron has helped build the first public library in Liberia and he’d like to help someone in Colorado’s Vail Valley do something special, too.

Herron, a financial adviser based in the Denver area, is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, a philanthropic group that looks for worthy causes to fund. One of those causes came from Nancy Wood of Alma. Wood is one of Herron’s clients, as well as the director of Hope for Children of Africa, a nonprofit group that recently built the first public library in the African nation of Liberia.

Herron and Wood last week spoke to the Edwards Rotary Club about Wood’s project, the Million Dollar Round Table, and the prospects for local projects the foundation might help.

Two years ago, Wood applied for a grant and was awarded $2,500. The Rotary meeting was Herron’s chance to give Wood another check, this time for $25,000.

The Edwards Rotary offered the pair a chance to speak, and, perhaps, get a little local attention for the round table.

“We’re going to award grants to someone,” Herron said. “I’d just as soon see those awards in Eagle County.”

Rotary member Kim Blackford said the local club will be happy to help.

“If we can find a project, we can apply through Terry,” Blackford said.

There’s something of a catch, though – round table grants go to “once in a lifetime” kinds of projects. The Liberian library is a good example. That means the continuing efforts of a food bank or women’s shelter, while laudable, don’t really qualify.

But, Herron said, applicants have to prove they’re financially sound to earn grants.

“We had to justify all our expenses,” Wood said. “I wrote the application, did the research, and was successful.”

Herron said hopes his first visit to the Edwards Rotary is just the start of a more lasting relationship.

“I want the Rotary here to know how to do this,” Herron said. “The grant request has to be submitted in September and the awards are made in March. Maybe we’ll have something next year.”

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