Four-part Four Seasons Vail spa treatment is bliss |

Four-part Four Seasons Vail spa treatment is bliss

Caramie Schnell
The treatment room used for the Mountain Zentsability spa treatment has a fireplace, Jacuzzi tub and in-room shower and bathroom.
Jeff Scroggins | Special to the Daily |

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The spa: The Spa at the Four Seasons Vail, One Vail Road; 970-477-8630.

The treatment: Mountain Zentsability, $345. This new 135-minute treatment is the second longest treatment on the spa menu (Spirit of the Rockies is 150 minutes) and lives up to the spa’s own description of the treatment, especially the “bliss” part: “Blissful head to toe hydration with hydrotherapy bath, scrub, wrap, scalp ritual and massage.”

Zents products are used for the treatment. Zents is a high-end body product line based in Boulder. All the ingredients used in Zents are organic and sustainable. The Coen family farm in Boulder grows the biodynamic herbs used in the formulas.

What it entails: The treatment starts with a bath. You might be thinking “I can take a bath at home.” Well yes, but this is a pretty awesome bath: it’s a 20-minute hot soak in an enormous, in-room Jacuzzi tub that sits below a window that has a view of the pool area.

The evening I visited, fat, early-season snowflakes were falling from the sky. I didn’t know how meditative it could be to watch snowflakes drift down for an extended period of time. It was the perfect way to clear my brain of the daily minutiae so that I could zero in on that floaty-happy-spa place (clearly a technical term) in my head in record time.

The Four Seasons is all about small-yet-meaningful touches, and they were definitely there in the form of a carafe of ice water and a small dish of cashews set within arms reach of the tub, along with face wash to remove any makeup and facial serum.

After the bath, my therapist, Bethany, rhythmically massaged a shea butter salt scrub into each area of my body, which very effectively removed any dry, dead skin.

After I rinsed off in the in-room shower, the treatment continued with a hydrating shea butter wrap. She painted a thick layer of warm, organic shea butter over my entire body and then wrapped me up like a burrito so it could penetrate deep into the skin.

While my skin was soaking up that moisture, Bethany turned her attention to my head. Using warm oil, she massaged my scalp and combed the deep conditioning oil into my hair. It was one of those rare moments when I was afraid I was going to start drooling I was so relaxed. When it came time for the actual massage, I was in that half-asleep dream state.

The massage pushed me over the edge. I’ve never fallen fully asleep during a spa treatment before, but I admit I did in this one. When I caught myself and jolted awake, Bethany asked if the pressure was OK, mistaking my twitch for a sore spot.

“Perfect,” I mumbled, “just perfect.”

This spa is for: Visitors to Vail looking for a luxurious spa experience with lots of amenities.

First impressions: This spa is located inside the Four Seasons in Vail. It’s one of the only five-star spas (as rated by The Forbes Travel Guide) in Colorado. The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is another.

When you arrive at the spa’s front desk, you’ll likely be offered a cup of tea to sip while you fill out the typical spa questionnaire. You also get to choose a scent from the Zents product line, which is used in the treatment. It’s added to both the bath water and the shea butter used in the treatment.

The treatment was: Super effective in that it left my skin as soft as I’ve ever felt it and I felt relaxed and refreshed in deep, nourishing way. Also, my hair was shiny and smooth the next day. Be aware it takes a few shampoo sessions to get the oil out but it’s more than worth the extra work.

Make the most of your visit: Take advantage of the three-hours of free parking and come early to use the spa amenities — which include a eucalyptus steam room, sauna, Whirlpool and cold plunge — before your treatment.

Relax in the comfortable co-ed waiting room while you lounge in front of the toasty fireplace with a cup of tea. Be sure to give yourself time to really begin to unwind before your therapist takes you to the treatment room.

Know before you go: Valet parking is free for up to three hours with a validation from the spa. If you do this exact treatment, consider booking an afternoon or evening appointment and leaving the oil treatment on your hair overnight so it can really work its magic.

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