Four resorts still ban sport’s savior |

Four resorts still ban sport’s savior

Don Rogers

So … what if a “ski” resort decided to go all board?Wonder if that’s even possible. Maybe in the more distant future, when today’s 30 percent of snow sliders grows to 50 percent of them snowboarding.Four holdout resorts still hold their noses at the boarders. Deer Valley is the most prominent, jockeying as the Utah resort does with Vail for No. 1 status in SKI magazines annual poll. But Alta, Taos and Mad River Glen back in icy Vermont also hold their noses.So there must be something, a last vestige, of the old animosities that lingers. Around here it seems to be the elderly female skiers and hotdog boy snowboarders who have the most trouble relating. The women speak of the fears of the crazy snowboarders bursting out of trees. And the snowboarders are exasperated with the ladies who have no discernable pattern to their turns other than slow and a seemingly magnetic attraction for wherever the boarder is trying to go to get out of their way.But everyone ages. Those old ladies no doubt were dynamite back in the day, scaring the you know what out of the older, more sedate skiers of the time. And those boys driving everyone nuts now will mature in time. A lot of middle-aged men and women board now. So no. We aren’t holding our breath for board-only resorts. That wouldn’t be any fun anyway. More likely, these last highfalutin’ holdouts will eventually see the light, and go the way of Aspen Mountain and – gasp – democratize their ski hills, too.Vail, Colorado

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