Fourth of July weekend sees increase in 911 calls but not in crime |

Fourth of July weekend sees increase in 911 calls but not in crime

A rundown of the most notable calls to law enforcement over the holiday weekend

A costumed Statue of Liberty walks around the Vail America Days Patriotic Exhibits Sunday in Lionshead Village. More visitors to the valley over the holiday weekend meant more 911 calls for local law enforcement.
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The Fourth of July holiday was a weekend full of heightened celebration, remembrance and, inevitably, 911 calls.

Many may be feeling rested coming off a long weekend, but many of Eagle County’s law enforcement personnel did not have the weekend off and were busier than normal responding to the uptick in calls typically seen around holiday weekends.

While “alcohol may be a factor” in this increase in shenanigans, the most likely reason behind the increase in call volume over Independence Day is “just pure math,” Vail police commander Ryan Kenney said Thursday.

“We see an increase in guests on most holiday weekends,” Kenney said. “With more people in town we tend to see an increase in call volume.”

A review of local law enforcement agencies’ logs for the weekend revealed a significant increase in 911 calls, but not in criminal arrests, with most calls consisting of resident assists, routine patrols, check-ins and traffic stops.

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Eagle County sheriff’s deputies certainly had a busy weekend, responding to 533 calls from Friday to Monday, public information officer Amber Mulson-Barrett said. This is more than an average weekend for the agency.

These calls included the kinds of things one might expect during a holiday often marked by parties and weekend trips – 64 traffic stops, some of them for driving under the influence, 12 noise complaints, eight domestic disturbances or fights.

Ten people were issued warnings for violating the county’s Stage 2 fire restrictions still in effect as of last weekend, according to the sheriff’s office’s call log. Multiple people were cited after they just couldn’t resist letting off fireworks to mark the holiday.

One such display resulted in a box catching fire in Red Cliff, underscoring the danger of ignoring fire restrictions. Luckily, a deputy was able to extinguish the fire with an extinguisher carried in the patrol car, Mulson-Barrett said.

As more people took to the campgrounds, the sheriff’s office responded to 11 animal-related complaints, including three bear calls, two moose calls, one mountain lion call and one cow call.

The Sheriff’s Office also assisted Colorado State Patrol in tracking the driver of a black Chevy Malibu that fled on I-70 after troopers recovered 20 pounds of methamphetamine and 10,000 M30 pills from the car, according to Mulson-Barrett. The suspect remains at large as of Thursday.

Over in Vail, police responded to 351 calls over the course of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, according to data pulled from the department’s call log.

These calls included 24 parking issues, 15 assists, 14 calls reporting problems with a juvenile, 14 noise complaints, 11 traffic stops, six check-ins at local bars, six car crashes, an assault, a bear call, one domestic disturbance, two reports of theft and two fights.

Vail police issued nine citations for traffic and parking violations and 22 warnings were given for various reasons. Five calls were marked as needing a follow-up, but data did not show any arrests.

The Avon Police Department responded to 248 calls from Thursday to Monday, including 21 traffic stops, 20 assists, 15 parking issues, seven animal complaints, seven check-ins at local bars, two fights, two fire-related calls, three intoxicated individuals, two crashes and one assault on a child.

Avon Police reported a total of just four arrests over the long weekend.

Eagle Police also stayed busy this Independence Day with 124 calls from Friday to Monday, according to records pulled from the department’s call log. These included four animal-related complaints, 20 traffic stops, 15 assists and four calls regarding an “intoxicated party.”

Police were called to Eagle bars four times over the weekend: twice to 7 Hermits Brewing Co., once to Bonfire Brewing and once to Brush Creek Saloon.

Eagle Police issued 11 warnings and five citations but made no arrests.

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