Fowler, Hart instrumental in Vail’s success |

Fowler, Hart instrumental in Vail’s success

Dick Hauserman
Daily File PhotoBob Fowler, 1919-1978


Bob Fowler, Princeton 1943, the third man in the group after Earl Eaton and Pete Seibert, also played an important part. He was the law partner of Jack Tweedy, and the two of them, because of years of experience in oil leases, came up with innovative and creative legal concepts with tax-write-off advantages that made it possible for the Vail group to proceed.

Bob devoted most of his time to the Vail project. He was as loyal and eager as anyone in the group to further the entire organization. The Vail project was his extreme dedication, and it became his dream. It was too bad that we lost such a valuable partner at an early stage when he developed cancer. Bob was a classmate of Jack Tweedy at Princeton. Together, they made a solid team.


A real-estate man from Denver, Gerald Hart managed the interest of John Murchison’s many real-estate projects in Denver during the 1950s. Gerry was one of the most respected real estate men in Denver. He was active at the directors’ meetings, and especially at the planning meetings, where he offered many constructive suggestions. Over and over again, he would tell the planning group that they did not have enough commercial space for future development. As a result, the commercial areas were extended from Bridge Street up Meadow Drive over toward the Vail Village Inn. He was so right, because even today, Vail Village is cramped for commercial space. It’s hard to estimate the value of Gerry Hart’s contributions in those early days, because they helped shape the future of the village.

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