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The Space

The bubble-gum pink eatery with matching watermelon-colored paper lanterns and oversized Japanese magazine ads on the walls guarantees a good time. Sit at the sushi bar and watch your dinner being prepared or relax in the pillowy chartreuse booths while you dine in style.

The Sushi

With all the traditional offerings of a sushi bar, Foxnut gets creative in their rolling, too. The Butterfly Roll unites a sweet banana kabayaki with tuna, eel, smelt, cucumber, avocado, and sesame seeds, while the NYC Big Apple Roll boasts sweet apple, luscious cream cheese and tasty eel. The sushi at Foxnut tastes every bit as scrumptious as it looks. The Asian Fusion joint also offers a wide selection of non-sushi items like the black cod charbroiled in a spicy chipotle miso, and the thinly sliced sichuan cashew chicken.

The Drinks

Foxnut’s hot, new summer cocktail menu will cool you off in no time. If you like ginger and you like margaritas, the Gingerita is for you. Perfectly sweet and spicy, the Gingerita combines tequila, Grand Marnier, orange juice, fresh lime and chunks of ginger. On the sweeter side, the pink Lychee Tini, offers a refreshing taste of lychee juice and vodka. Perhaps the best thing about the Buddha Punch, besides the fact that it’ll be gone before you can say “yum,” is that it’s served in a porcelain buddha, and the straw goes right through his bellybutton.

Gotta Try

The Beaver Creek roll stands up to its name. Luxurious and rich, the meaty lobster encased in tempura and rolled with cucumber, avocado and scallion melts in your mouth.

Tidbit Foxnut (n.) –

(1) an Asian spice used to stimulate the appetite and tone the system; (2) Beaver Creek’s newest restaurant, serving Asian fusion and sushi.

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