Foxy Hound: a new dog groomer in town Vail |

Foxy Hound: a new dog groomer in town Vail

BIZ Foxy Hound MC 7-25

I provide professional pet grooming and pet dental in my self-contained mobile salon.

The service I provide for my clients is different from my competition. I provide home service, one-on-one special care and, just as important, I provide teeth cleaning.

Without the use of anesthesia, I scale tartar from the teeth and provide an excellent program of good oral hygiene for pets. I also provide absolute convenience.

My philosophy is to provide the best service possible in a manner that is thorough, gentle and hassle free.

When I was 15, I began helping my mother groom in our basement. I have spent the last three summers working in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The hairstyles are very different there! My love for animals kept my interest and the enjoyment I feel when a client expresses happiness. It feels so good when a client sees their dog and says “I can’t believe that’s the same dog! Is that really MY dog?!”

I decided to start my business here because I have a great love for the outdoors and snow. I owned and operated my own mobile pet-care service in California for the past 20 years and I thought Vail would be a lovely change.

The Foxy Hound



Opened July 1

Patricia Doran – owner/ operator

Vail, Colo

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