Frank cleans up the cart house |

Frank cleans up the cart house

Shirley Welch
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyFrank Doll worked for the Eagle-Vail Golf Course from 1978 to 1989.

Eventually, Frank Doll became in charge of golf cart administration and maintenance. Although Frank knew nothing about golf carts, he sure did learn. For the next 10 years, Frank found out everything there was to about Club Car golf carts. To learn about the carts, Frank went to the Club Car headquarters in Denver and each time he went, he would be assigned to one of the mechanics there, and he would learn about a certain aspect of the carts: electrical, tires, batteries, etc. In time, there wasn’t anything Frank didn’t know about Club Car carts.

When Frank first took over the job, the cart house and the carts were a mess. For the first two years, no one had done any maintenance on the carts. They were in sorry shape, as was the cart building. It took Frank’s capability of Mr. Can-Do to make order out of the cart facility. His first inspection of the cart building came the day after Tom and Susie Apple got married and had their reception at the club house. It seems that people attending the wedding had use of the golf carts and when Frank looked at them, he saw a complete mess of confetti, streamers, beer bottles, mud and whatever else was left over from the party the night before, and he thought to himself, No, you really didn’t agree to do this. You idiot.

However, Frank did agree to do it and over the next 10 years it turned out to be the best years of Frank’s life and very good years for Club Cars. Frank started the beginning of a golf cart revolution: he did something that made people believe that if they took a cart out they would come back on the same cart.

Frank’s relationship with Club Car grew and grew. He knew everything there was to know about a Club Car and the management of Club Car recognized Frank. Two different years, Frank and Imogene were guests of Club Car at Augusta, Ga. the week preceding the Master’s Tournament. During these trips, Frank and Imogene were treated like royalty, and he and Imogene had a grand time, scouting antique shops and sniffing out wonderful places to eat. Frank toured the Club Car factory and went to the Master’s golf course during practice rounds.

The second year they went to Augusta, Frank and Imogene drove there and back. Because Imogene and Frank were history buffs, they decided to visit every state capital in the states they entered. So they went to all the capitals in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Lousiana, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, and some states that have slipped Frank’s memory.

Frank has many good memories of his years spent working for the Eagle-Vail Golf Course. Mostly, however, he is proud to say he was instrumental in guiding the golf cart industry to build golf carts that could be used comfortably and consistently.

The other best thing about his job at Eagle-Vail was that Frank got to play a lot of golf.

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