Frank finds love again |

Frank finds love again

The Nottingham and Doll families knew each other well. Both had been in the valley a long time, and in fact Jack Oleson, who was a friend of Frank’s, was dating Charlotte Nottingham, Imogene’s sister. So it wasn’t long before the four young people got together and did a lot of fun things. Frank had finally found the woman who he would be his wife for more than the 50 years. They married on April 10th, 1948, and continued their friendship with Jack and Charlotte, which sometimes included spontaneous events.

Such was one day in July of that year when Jack and Charlotte decided to get married ” the next day. Since Jack had a pick-up truck, he and Charlotte rode together followed by Frank and Imogene. This tandem of vehicles headed west, stopping along the way at several bars, just to build their courage. By the time they got to Grand Junction, it was late and no one had a very clear mind. They spent the night in a hotel that no one can remember.

The next morning Jack said to Frank, “We need to find someone to marry us.”

From a phone book, Frank found the number of the Minister from the American Legion. He called and the minster agreed to meet them at 2 o’clock at his home.

So Frank and Imogene and Jack and Charlotte waited until the appointed time and then found the Minister’s house, on a shady tree-lined street, lined with grand houses. This was the 5th of July and hotter than a firecracker outside, so they were happy to go into the house and were asked to wait in the grand, cool living room. Finally the minister appeared although a bit flustered.

He said, “If you will just wait a minute, my wife will be here to serve as witness. She is just changing clothes.”

To Frank, the minister seemed tipsy but it hardly mattered since he and his friends were hung over from the day before.

Finally, the minister and his wife had Jack and Charlotte standing in front of him. He said, “All ready?”

Everyone nodded.

The minister started with the words, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of–” The minister suddenly stopped and his face turned gray. “Oh, excuse me,” he said, obviously confused. “My next duty is a funeral and I was just going over my notes before you arrived. Let’s start again.”

Finally the minister said the correct words and Jack and Charlotte were joined as man and wife. Jack and Frank would remain friends all their lives. In 1998, the two couples celebrated a joint 50th year wedding celebration at the Eagle Vail Pavilion.

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