Frank Lorenti: Troubles in Minturn, Colorado |

Frank Lorenti: Troubles in Minturn, Colorado

Frank Lorenti
Minturn CO, Colorado

Minturn, Colo., will receive $180 million and Bobby Ginn will pay half of the salaries of town staff, yet we the citizens pay some of the highest mill levy and water and sewer rates in the state.

Lower the property tax. The town’s budget will increase by over $8 million per year with Ginn alone. Lower the water and sewer rate for everybody. This will help the average citizen and the small business owner.

I personally pay, as a small-business owner, $199.75 a month just for water. This is a flat rate whether I use the 75,000 gallons of water per month or not.

If I use 6,000 gallons per month then the town gets free money for the other 69,000 that they do not have to treat or distribute.

I wish I could give more public record information, but the town has blacked-listed me and charges me for public records. Yes it is true, what is free to everybody else, and is a citizen’s right in America, will cost me attorney’s fees and research charges and town staff-time fees. This can add up to thousands of dollars.

Because I stood up for what I believe in, the town is taking a personal retribution attack on me and me alone. Remember that we live in democratic society and we all have a constitutional right to speak out.

When the town staff and attorney and Minturn Town Council try to silence me or treat me unfairly, remember they can do it to you at sometime, also.

Council should never put a person’s name before judging something and should be fair in the way it carries out the law. The town of Minturn retaliates against people that speak out and go over and above the law to protect their friends.

I will continue to stand up for myself and am forced to bear the brunt of the town’s hatred toward people who stand up to them.

I will be at the next meeting, Nov. 5, and will ask the Town Council for lower taxes.

Remember this quote. It is from Citizens for Annexation. Fred Haslee agreed with this statement. Now his wife is on the council. It will be interesting to hear her response at the next meeting:

“Fact: Because the town will receive a surplus of new revenue from its real estate transfer, sales, lodging and other taxes that far exceeds the demand for services that Battle Mountain will create (owners there will pay for those services), the Town Council will have the opportunity to decrease your local property taxes or provide other tax savings programs.”

I will also ask the council to reconsider their stance that allows speeding in Minturn. Give the police back the power to enforce the speeding laws. I live in south Minturn and it is very dangerous to walk my children because we have no sidewalks and must walk on the highway. Traffic and speeders create an dangerous situation.

Frank Lorenti


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