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Free concert fashion

Chrystal Clear

The coolest place to be seen right now is definitely the free Tuesday concert at the Ford Amphitheater and Vilar Pavilion. Everybody who’s anybody is out and about at the show, and whether you’re there to picnic or to party, everyone in town will see you, so you better look your best.Looking good at the concert isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re going to go out for dinner or drinks afterward. The weather can be a bit chilly as the sun sets, and it can be pretty tough to look sharp at an outdoor concert and a bar all in one outfit. So here are some tips to make it happen:Sunglasses awareness test:Maui Jim Kapalua sunglasses are all the rage right now, but just because it looks good on her doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. The color of your Kapalua simply HAS to work well with your skin color, and you’re going to look like a wannabe if you force it. Lighter-toned skin should match well with a colored frame of another sort don’t be a slave to trend if the trend doesn’t work for you! Mix up the rest of your accessories with a colorful ribbon belt and a fun (not fancy) pair of earrings.Glitter girls:Listen, this isn’t a Widespread Panic show and you’re not on the magical mystery tour, so ditch the glitter. Still, if you feel the need to be sparkly then try a bronzer with a slight shimmer to it. With enough bronzer, maybe those Maui Jim sunglasses will actually match!Goosebumps:It’s going to get cold on some of those nights, so wear a tank top or something light for dinner or the bars afterward, but bring along a Juicy Couture hoody or a light Kashmir sweater to keep the goose bumps down during the final hours of the show. If you dress just for the bars, you’ll look out of place in the casual atmosphere of the show.Hide your heels and free your toes:This is summer: a time for flip-flops, cute hats, and casual dress, so trouncing around in stiletto heels like you’re in the of the middle of the big city going clubbing is ridiculous. Remember, you’re a at a FREE concert, not meeting up with George Clooney at a New York martini bar. But when you show up in flip-flops, don’t gross us out with a set of chippy, dirty, ugly toenails. The flip-flops are going to look a lot better after that pedicure, and a fresh coat of toenail polish is a must even if it’s been a while.In the bag:What kind of bag are we bringing? A canvas tote bag or a straw bag, basically anything fun and summery will work nicely and provides the perfect put-away place for the sunglasses when the night begins. Summer is all about color, so don’t be shy and get over the black and white. They’ll be plenty of time for cool and colorless when winter roll around again.What to drink:A basket of goodies is perfect for relaxing on the lawn, and it goes nicely with a glass of white wine. Margaritas are fun and a bit more sassy, but leave the can of Budweiser for the man on your arm or if you must have a beer, put it in a cup. A drink can get the social situations flowing smoothly, but remember: this is Tuesday in the park, not Saturday night at Coyote Ugly. Save the binge drinking for your next divorce.Well, there you have it. With a little help from Crystal and a little creativity, you can be the belle of the concert and shine in the limelight. You never know who you’ll run into!

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