Free Conscious Transformation Group meets today in Edwards |

Free Conscious Transformation Group meets today in Edwards

EDWARDS — Conscious Transformation Groups are a free monthly gathering designed to help people connect with like-minded individuals who are focused on their personal and professional fulfillment. Each meeting consists of a Conscious Transformation teaching, a tool or meditation and an opportunity to create a simple, practical plan for daily life. This supportive environment is a space for people to connect, reflect and transform.

Today at 7:15 p.m., the Conscious Transformation Group will be held at Align Vail located at 210 Edwards Village Blvd., B202 in Edwards. This gathering will be taught by Mandy Benedict, teacher of Conscious Transformation. After years of personal development, focused meditation and a formal, extensive training program led by Joey Klein, founder of Conscious Transformation, Benedict leads these transformative classes regularly throughout the Vail Valley. Having grown up in the valley, she has a deep passion for supporting people in our community with the tools provided by this work. She also manages her family’s business, Ruggs Benedict, where she helps the business thrive by creating a strong network of relationships.


The focus of this month’s free gathering will be vitality and vibrancy in our body and our life. The topic aligns well with the Transformation Series, which includes Mental Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Physical Mastery and Spiritual Mastery. Each course is a six-part series that includes teachings, meditations and a daily action plan. The classes come with a CD series to support the work learned in class between meetings. The current focus is Physical Mastery and begins mid-June in Edwards and Eagle.

“Our bodies are designed to support us in experiencing all the joys of life. However, without proper care, we become tired or sick instead of living that vibrant life,” Benedict said. “While there is a wealth of information available about how to create optimal health, many miss the integral relationship between the mind, emotion and the body. What we think and feel takes root in the body and impacts our capacity to live fully, but with awareness and care, we can bring our bodies to a state of natural balance to experience true vitality.”

Benedict also hosts a free meditation group each month in Eagle. The June event will be held June 16 at 7:15 p.m. at the Shakti Center located at 200 Capital Street in Eagle.

“The Transformation Series helps individuals change their core emotional, mental and physical patterns to enhance their daily lives and deepen their connection to spirit. Participants in the program have reported reduced stress, increased focus, improved sleep, more energy throughout the day and a greater sense of peace and purpose,” Benedict said.

For more information regarding the Conscious Transformation Groups or the Transformation Series, contact Benedict at 970-904-1233 or, or visit http://www.Conscious

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