Free Diabetes screening |

Free Diabetes screening

Is your cat hungry all the time but is losing weight? Is your dog constantly emptying his water bowl, then wanting to be let outside? Has either your dog or cat developed a poor hair coat or a lack of energy? Cat and dog owners who answer “yes” to any of these questions should know that their pets could be suffering from diabetes, a serious disease that affects pets just as it does people.

While diabetic pets can live long, active lives, they must be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. To help make this possible, Eagle Valley Pet Hospital is offering pets a free screening until March 31. If the pet is diagnosed during the month of March, owners can also get their dog or cat off to the right start with a free diabetes management kit from the Diabetes Pet Care Alliance. The kit includes a glucose monitoring system from Abbott, a free bag of therapeutic cat or dog food (diabetic pets require a specialized diet) from Purina Veterinary Diets and a free vial of insulin from Merck Animal Health.

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