Free firewood offered in Vail |

Free firewood offered in Vail

VAIL, Colorado – Free firewood is available in the Intermountain neighborhood for a limited time this week as wildland crews from the Vail Fire Department work to remove dead and diseased trees in partnership with Holy Cross Energy.

The firewood is available for loading from 5 p.m. to dusk Tuesday and Wednesday this week in the 3000 block of Bellflower Drive. The use of chain saws at the loading site is prohibited.

About 60 hazardous trees are being removed from the utility right of way on Bellflower as part of the town’s ongoing forest health initiatives. Wildland Fire Coordinator Tom Talbot says the work will be completed within the week and will include use of a chipper beginning Thursday to remove any remaining limbs or debris.

The work has also included removal of hazardous trees affecting power lines in the Geneva Drive and Basingdale Boulevard areas. Other activities this season have included tree removal in the areas of Snowberry Drive and Alpine Drive and throughout East Vail.

Six seasonal wildland crew members have been on the job in Vail since May and will continue working until Oct. 31. For more information, call Talbot at 970-401-4202.

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