Free speech, under Obama |

Free speech, under Obama

Terry Quinn
Vail, CO, Colorado

So What’s New Department: Tom Tancredo was invited to give a talk at the University of North Carolina on his views about in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Protester violence got so bad, the police had to shut down the event.

It’s the left’s way of dealing with ideas it doesn’t like ” don’t debate, shut off the speech. Check it out in the Denver Post or Drudge Report.

Thought Police Department: The Department of Homeland Security has sent a report to state and local law enforcement agencies about the threat of right-wing extremism. Who wrote it and who approved it are not revealed.

The report’s definition of dangerous ideas include opposition to illegal immigration, gun control and abortion and rejection of so much federal authority as opposed to state and local authority.

Among the possible sources of such activity, the report says, are military veterans. Thanks for your service, boys and girls. The American Legion and VFW have objected.

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The report does not offer any specific evidence, but that may come later. It says the federal government “will be working with its state and local partners over the next several months” to gather information on “right wing extremist activity in the United States.” We can wonder what role our local law enforcement agencies will play in this process. Get more details via the Drudge Report.

I presume the April 15 tax protesters are the sort that need monitoring, as well as those who write irritating letters to the editor. I wonder if I’ll make the Obama White House’s Enemies List.

According to Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano, the DHS report contained a request that it not be revealed to the media.

Terry Quinn


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