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Freedom Facts

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The Freedom Park Memorial Committee is planning a lakeside memorial park in Edwards. The committee has asked the Vail Daily to publish a “Freedom Facts” each Saturday until the ground breaking on April 15. Freedom Fact: When Americans think of the armed conflicts we as a nation have been involved in, we usually think in terms of the “great” wars – World War II or Korea or Vietnam. However, some conflicts consisted of merely showing the flag without a shot being fired. Nevertheless, during our history, the armed forces of the United States have been called upon more than 270 times to protect American lives and property, defend our borders, intercede in territorial disputes, subdue insurrections, suppress piracy, establish freedom of transit, free Americans who were unjustly held, discourage potential threats, prevent aggression, gain reparations for transgressions against the nation, restore the rule of law, redress attacks and protect American interests around the world.Vail, ColoradoVail, Colorado

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