Freestyle leads to busy night for cops |

Freestyle leads to busy night for cops

Veronica Whitney/Daily Staff Writer

The reason was large crowds of young spectators at the U.S. Freestyle Open, said Vail Police Sgt. Kurt Mulson. He said there were about a dozen arrests Friday night and early Saturday morning, including two drunken driving arrests that led to other charges and four other arrests related to fights.

“There were also several drug-related arrests, including a couple of felony charges,” Mulson said.

On an average Friday night, even when they’re busy, Vail Police will make about six arrests, Mulson said.

“Also, the big difference is that most of these arrests involved more than one charge. Many included several charges and that is what made it a busy night for Vail Police,” Mulson said.

Mulson said the increase in arrests most likely was due to the large crowds of young people visiting Vail to watch the U.S. Freesking Open and Friday’s concert at the Dobson Ice Arena.

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“The crowds were huge,” Mulson said. “You get that many people in town and most likely you’ll have these problems.”

By Saturday night, things were back to normal with only one person arrested on an assault charge, Vail Police Commander Steve Wright said Monday.

“It was also unusually quiet on Super Bowl Sunday,” Wright said. “We summoned just one person for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and placed one other person under protective custody because he was drunk. It was in extremely quiet night, especially in comparison to Friday.”

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