Freeway etiquette between Vail and Eagle |

Freeway etiquette between Vail and Eagle

Emily Galko
Vail, CO, Colorado

I wanted to give a shout- out to the truckers for doing what most of the other vehicles on the road can’t seem to do.

I drive from Vail to Eagle almost every night and get blinded by all the people who refuse to turn off their high beams when passed. I’ve almost wrecked a couple of times being blinded on a sharp corner by oncoming traffic, as well.

No one seems to know what common courtesy is anymore. Another example: When getting on Interstate 70, only the truckers seem to move into the left lane.

I know the interstate driver has the right of way, but if there’s no other cars, I don’t see why getting over is so difficult. So thank you to the truckers for letting me get on the interstate and dimming your lights at night. It’s greatly appreciated by this broad!

Emily Galko


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