Fresh fashion, hot music |

Fresh fashion, hot music

WEST VAIL – One name has become synonymous with Denver’s hip-hop and R&B dance circuit – DJ Chonz.The radio trendsetter, who claims to be the first person ever to do live mixing on commercial air waves, will rock the Ride SOS Springjam Saturday at the Sandbar in West Vail. Proceeds from the party benefit the Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS), a local nonprofit that provides high quality recreation programs to youth who benefit from structure and consistency.”He’s the real deal turn-tablest,” said Arn Menconi, founder and director of SOS, who first met DJ Chonz at the X Games several years ago. “He’s so good, it’s out of most people’s realm. It’s too different for them, but he has the ability serve the average hip hop person’s taste buds, as well.Beginning his career in 1993, DJ Chonz is a gold medal all-around hip hop DJ. He creates a continuous mix of blended music, combining turn table aspects like scratching and cutting, to manipulate the record without missing a beat. His repertoire is vast, boasting a whole warehouse full of albums. He plays West Coast, East Coast and South hip hop. His personal favorite is old-school hip hop, like NWA, Public Enemy and Slick Rick, but he feels out the club crowd and caters to the scene at hand.”I never want to base things on color, but you can tell by color. Like with a black crowd, I know I’m going to have to bring some hard core music. And at a white party, I know I’m going to have to bring some old school, like some Michael Jackson or BVD, and I might even throw some Madonna in there,” said DJ Chonz. “When I go to the snow towns I play whatever. If I go to Vail I can play anything, and they’ll probably feel it. It’s all how you present the package.” Local spinner Jahstone will kick off the evening at 8:30 p.m. Jahstone’s passion is reggae music, and the genre is sure to creep into the dance vibes.In addition to the music, the latest fashions from Ride, Section and 686 will be on display from 9-10 p.m. It will be an opportunity for revelers to buy the latest fashions before they hit the Vail Valley. The evening will have a silent auction featuring all the essential mountain gear from Ride, 686, Section, Bonfire, Camelbak and others.Doors open at 8 p.m. with an $8 cover, and the Sandbar will be smoke free throughout the evening. All proceeds benefit the SOS’s programs. For more information, call 845-7040. For more information on SOS, visit for youthRide SOS SpringjamDoors open at 8 p.m. SaturdayThe Sandbar in West VailTickets cost $8For more information, call 845-7040Vail, Colorado

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