Fresh fashion when it’s freezin’ |

Fresh fashion when it’s freezin’

Brenda Himelfarb
AE Winter Wear3 PU 11-16-06

BEAVER CREEK – Fashion is about reinvention. Staying “in” is sort of a game. And each season fashionistas are ready to play, ready to stock their closets with whatever is considered to be the trendy chic – even if they already wore it ten years ago.Take, for instance, shoes. In recent years the styles have gone from platforms to flats, to wedges, back to platforms and now, to really confuse us, it’s about everything: platforms, wedges and flats.

“You might say, ‘What goes around come around,'” said Patti Weinstein, owner of Roxy in Beaver Creek and Vail. “But if comes around in a different way.”And “different” includes the fashion rags like InStyle, Lucky and Vogue, to name a few, that have been featuring celebs, rather than models on their covers. It seems that the stars, not the stylists, have become the fashion mavens who are dictating the next big thing. And everyone is listening.

“Our industry has noticed, for quite a few years, that a lot of the styles are coming out of Hollywood,” Weinstein said. “Many styles are repeated, but designers and stylists find a way to twist how we saw it the last time. For instance, long shirts and sweaters are a big thing but, this season, they are much narrower and go over the skinny jeans.”In fact, even Emilio Pucci has gotten in on the act, designing skiwear in the company’s well-known pattern dating back to the ’60s.

“This year’s ski wear is filled with color and lots of prints and plaids,” Anne Barnett, owner of Base Mountain Sports, said. “We have ski pants that have designs like bubble prints, swirls and even words written up the pant leg. And the men, too, are thinking outside-of-the-box. They’re open to lots of color and layering lighter-weight fabrics.”This years winter coats? No longer the Michelin Man look, this season’s down-filled coats are streamlined and made of high-tech fabrics in colors that include metallic silver, gold and graphite and trimmed with such things as belts and fur.

And let’s not forget the shoes. Whether they’re platform or flats, the bottom line is a sensible shoe.”It’s all about function and fashion,” Wendy Lew and Becky Hernreich, owners of Well Heeled, said. “Women want to go from work to dinner without having to change shoes. With our winter weather, it’s not always easy, but it is possible. And the choices this year are really varied.”

It seems, the most extravagant fashion statements introduced this ski season are a Prada helmet and Chanel ski’s. In Vail? I don’t think so.But, then again, you never know.

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