Freshies in Edwards: an organic experience |

Freshies in Edwards: an organic experience

Shauna Farnell
Preston Utley/Vail DailyBirds Nest with beets, sweet potato, cucumber, and carrots.

EDWARDS – An apple a day keeps the doctor away … maybe with a small disclaimer if the apple is grown with pesticides and chemicals.The folks at Freshies in Edwards adhere to this wisdom, and are doing their best to encourage people to eat more organic foods, foods that fall into the category of “living.”

And how does one find living food? It doesn’t mean you’re supposed to go chew on a tree. “Living food” is more commonly known as raw food, and Freshies has everything from living sauerkraut (the only ingredients are cabbage and sea salt) to exotic immune-bolstering powders to sandwiches and wraps made with sprouted beans and organic roast beef.”It’s definitely healthier to eat this way,” said Jay Sapp, who stopped by Freshies last week to pick up a curried tuna sandwich on spelt bread for lunch. “It’s also a local small business which the valley seems like it’s gotten away from. I like to eat organic foods. My wife’s a chef and she always cooks healthy, so if I ruin it during the day … it’s bad. The most important thing is, these guys are bringing in products I think are important for my family to eat.”Delling Zing, at the tender age of 8, started eating organic foods and learning about the dangers of conventionally prepared produce and dietary staples. He bought Freshies about three months ago and is trying to pack in the produce from as many local growers as possible. He sells frozen foods, organic meats and even Hemp/flax bags with which people can grown their own sprouted grains and beans. The refrigerated lunch items consist of open-faced humus sandwiches on sprouted grain bread, wraps, sandwiches and Hemp flour cookies with fruits such as high-protein golden berries – a rare item he imports from a friend’s farm in Peru.

“Everything in here is made by hand with a whole lot of love and only organic, biodynamic or wild ingredients,” he said of Freshies’ lunch and snack items. “I love the taste of fruits and vegetables. I love eating green things for breakfast. It took me a while to unlearn artificial tastes and flavors and relearn what real, living food really tastes like. Now I appreciate all the hard work people put into growing food that way. You have to be out of your mind to choose that as a livelihood in this type of culture, yet enough people have made that choice to make a place like this a possibility.”Freshies certainly does not resemble a neon-lit, sparkling, neatly stocked grocery store. It resembles the type of small, disheveled market – boxes everywhere, bags of seeds, grinding bowls on tables – one might find tucked into a strip mall (which it is). Freshies cells herbal lotions, vitamins, powders and medicine, but minimally.

“The whole concept of good health has to do with, for us, eating food as opposed to eating poorly and then trying to make up for it by eating vitamins and other supplements and pills,” he said. “A lot of health food stores have very little food. Here, you’ll see a lot of living foods. Most food that’s processed, heated, sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, laq resin … it generally kills the food.”The thrust of the store is its fresh produce, meats and dried produce. Zing said that sun-drying or dehydrating food at a low temperature, as opposed to cooking it, maintains the foods’ “living” qualities – its nutrients and minerals.”There’s still nutritive value in food that’s been processed or heated,” he said. “But anyone who’s had a freshly picked fruit or vegetable knows how good it tastes, because it’s full of vital energy. That vibrancy you can suspend using low temperatures. Basically, refining foods and cooking them changes their state.”

Freshies’ selection also consists of freshly made smoothies and blood type-specific foods. In eating living foods, Zing points out, a person might spend more money(he said that organic food is typically more expensive than mass-produced, chemically grown food because organic farms don’t receive the same government subsidies as commercial farms), but might eat less and will ultimately have more energy and a clearer frame of mind.”Vibrant foods for vibrant thoughts and actions,” he said. “We need a balanced diet of food that’s freshly grown, especially without chemicals. I generally eat less, because your body can absorb what’s in there.”

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Freshies is located across Highway 6 from The Riverwalk in Edwards. For more information, call (970) 926-8622.Staff Writer Shauna Farnell can be reached at (970) 949-0555, ext. 610, or, Colorado

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