Friend: Injuries visible days later |

Friend: Injuries visible days later

Friends of the woman accusing Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant of sexual assault said signs of the incident were still evident on the woman several days laterLuke Bray, 21, said “visible evidence” of the alleged attack remained on the woman a week later.In a published report Wednesday, Luke said that when the jury saw the evidence, their jaws would hit the floor, and that Bryant would be convicted.Bray declined to be more specific out of respect for his friend and her family he said.Bray’s wife, Starlene, said the alleged victim is looking for justice, not a payday or the spotlight.”She just wants justice to be served,” said Starlene. “She’s not looking for fame or fortune. She can get those on her own. She’s very talented.”Starlene said the alleged victim was working at the hotel and she and Bryant were talking.”They were communicating at a friendship level, and it just went too far,” said Starlene. “He was a really nice guy, sweet and kind of shy. But no means no.”Starlene said the alleged victim understands what kind of scrutiny she’ll be under.”She’s ready for the onslaught,” said Starlene. “She knows it’s coming.”Fateful strollLuke said he saw the woman about a week after the June 30 incident.Bray said that the woman was at his house Friday to watch the news conferences surrounding the event. At one, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert announced that he was charging Bryant with one count of felony sexual assault, punishable by probation up to life in prison. At the other, Bryant admitted adultery and apologized to his wife.The woman was working at the front desk at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera when Bryant arrived around 10 p.m, said Luke.A short time later, Luke said, Bryant asked the woman to show him around the resort. He said the woman was flattered by Bryant’s attention.”She said he was just really down to earth, and that he was acting like a great guy,” Bray said.At some point during their stroll around the main lodge, Bryant invited her into his room, Luke said.The next day, the woman went with her parents to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and reported she had been raped.Bryant’s attorneys maintain that he is innocent.Bryant said the sex was consensual and that he committed only adultery. He surrendered to police July 4.The Los Angeles Lakers star is free on $25,000 bond pending an Aug. 6 court hearing during which he will be formally advised of the charge against him.Sex harassment rumors untrue, sources insistRandy WyrickCordillera sources debunked a rumor Wednesday that the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of sexual assault had also accused another worker of sexual harassment, resulting in his termination.Not true, they said Wednesday.Sources confirmed that a member of the Lodge at Cordillera’s staff had been terminated on the grounds of sexual harassment, but that it was not the woman who Bryant allegedly assaulted.Rumors have been flying nationwide that the alleged victim had made prior allegations of sexual assault.The false rumors have surfaced on nationwide news talk shows, as well as in print and media reports across the country.Fox News talks how host Sean Hannity said that after an interview with a local reporter on his afternoon radio show, his phones lit up with callers relating the rumors. The yalso surfaced during an interview Wednesday morning with a pair of morning talk show hosts with a Boston radio station.The rumors, while widely circulated, are untrue, the Cordillera sources said.

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