Friendly ride turns into jail trip in Eagle-Vail |

Friendly ride turns into jail trip in Eagle-Vail

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado –Two officers were handling a DUI stop on Highway 6 near Post Boulevard in Eagle-Vail on April 28. While one officer administered roadside tests, the other questioned two passengers in the vehicle. He spoke primarily to the front-seat passenger because the back-seat passenger appeared to be intoxicated and was starting to “pass out.”

The front passenger began to develop an attitude and showed “dislike and disrespect for law enforcement.” The back passenger eventually helped calm him down.

The driver of the vehicle was taken into custody and the front passenger asked if he could leave. The officer asked him for his identification, which the man refused to provide. The officer advised him he was free to go but he wouldn’t be allowed to drive. The man said he knew his rights and that he didn’t have to identify himself. He started walking toward Eagle-Vail, where he said he lived.

The officer spoke with the back passenger and said he would give him a courtesy ride home. The man said that would be awesome. However, the officer said he had to check a person’s name through dispatch before he could give a ride.

The man gave the deputy a fake name and birth date. The name came back from dispatch as “no record found.” The officer asked again if the man had any ID. The man said no and that he did not have his wallet. A state trooper at the scene reminded him that she saw him pick up his wallet from the seat and put it in his pocket.

Then the man admitted that if police checked his ID a bench warrant out of Georgia would come up on his record. He said he didn’t want to go to jail and had to support his kid. The officer said if the warrant was for something minor he wasn’t going to be extradited. After repeatedly trying to explain the situation to the 38-year-old man, the deputy told him he was no longer free to leave.

The man provided his real ID and was arrested and given a ride to jail for criminal impersonation.

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