Friends for life " at least so far … |

Friends for life " at least so far …

Cindy Ramunno
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyAlmost 60 seniors at Eagle Valley High School have known each other since kindergarten.

In a typical resort community, people come and go. That’s not the case for nearly half of this year’s graduating class at Eagle Valley High School.

In fact, they’ve gone to school together in Eagle County from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Principal Mark Strakbein says that the Class of 2005 does indeed have a lot of “K-through-12” kids, which isn’t traditional and makes them special.

“I believe that being here from the age of 5 is becoming the exception and not the norm. These kids have had a unique opportunity to build relationships that are different,” he says.

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Some of the students who grew up here agree. “I was so lucky to grow up here in this atmosphere,” says Megan Ehrenberg.

B.J. Jarmillo says that he likes that everyone knows everyone. Jarmillo, who was the school’s lone state champion in wrestling this season, adds, “It’s been a great experience growing up in the valley instead of moving from school to school. It enabled us to build relationships for life.”

“There are a lot of benefits to growing up here,” says Andy Johnson, who adds that the recreational opportunities, combined with the mountains, make the environment ideal. Johnson also says that attending schools in the same school district has advantages.

“You’re never the new kid. Two of my best teachers in elementary school still live here ” Misses Gould and Misses Rohweder,” Johnson says.

While most of these seniors are leaving the valley to pursue a future, they’ll never forget where they grew up, and the experiences that went with it. Some seniors are facing separation from lifelong friends, so Eagle Valley High School’s graduation will be filled with mixed emotions for members of the Class of 2005.

“I’m actually very sad to be graduating. I’ll miss my boyfriend and my friends,” says one EVHS senior, Bobbi Ray.

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