Fright at the Museum returns to Walking Mountains in Avon Saturday |

Fright at the Museum returns to Walking Mountains in Avon Saturday

Nature is the best illusionist. This tawny owl blends perfectly into his surroundings. Come find out more about nature’s magicians at Fright at the Museum Saturday in Avon.
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If you go ...

What: Fright at the Museum.

Where: Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon.

When: 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Cost: $15 per person, includes magic show.

More information: Visit

AVON — The second annual Fright at the Museum is happening Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon. This fun-filled community event includes activities to learn about the mystery behind magic and illusion.

Come explore the campus as the sun goes down to learn with your favorite nature enthusiasts from Walking Mountains Science Center and, above all else, have a mind-bending time. The event is $15 per person.

A highlight of the evening is sure to be the Illusions Gallery, where your eyes will play tricks on you as we invite visitors to explore the science behind optical illusions. Discover how simple illustrations and photos can confuse your brain and appear to be something else entirely.

You’ll be left astonished and asking questions; is the image moving, how did it just turn a different color, is there a hidden animal in that photograph?


Let’s also not forget the talented Ty Gallenbeck, who will entertain the audience with his mesmerizing magic. Gallenbeck has been performing for more than 10 years all across the country, including in Las Vegas, and his tricks are sure to spark your curiosity.

Walking Mountains Science Center will offer other fun experiences, such as the perspective pathway, mirror magic and even a costume contest. Fright at the Museum will have something for everyone.


The event raises vital support for educational programs. Proceeds from the event will be used to enhance and expand Walking Mountains’ programming so that more people can participate in unique, hands-on science education in the future.

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