Frisco actor snags role on TV |

Frisco actor snags role on TV

Kimberly NicolettiSummit daily newsVail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyIn plenty of makeup, Frisco actor Chris Guarino portrays a man who is shot while searching for a kidnapped girl.

You just never know what reading the Summit Daily News is going to lead to.For Frisco resident Chris Guarino, it directed him to two roles on A&E’s nationally syndicated original docu-drama series, “The Fugitive Chronicles,” which debuted at the beginning of this month. Guarino saw a casting call in the Summit Daily asking people to show up at the Fairplay community center last year.He figured he’d end up being an extra walking down the street, or something, but it turned out the directors liked him so much they slotted him for two separate characters.”The Fugitive Chronicles” features a different crime every week, recreated through acting and interviews. This Thursday, the show includes Guarino in a story in which Kari Swenson is kidnapped in 1984 by a father and son, who want to make her a bride. Guarino plays a friend searching for the girl, who ultimately gets shot. Since he hasn’t seen the episode yet, he’s not sure how much airtime his dead-guy persona will get.However, on Thursday, May 13, he expects to receive a little more airplay as the son of a Park County sheriff’s deputy. William Burkhart shot the deputy in 1995, after Burkhart committed a string of strange burglaries.

Though Guarino studied theater and film in his first year of college, he switched to a more “sensible” degree: business. Still, he was an extra for made-for-television movies and did some stage work. However, his main focus involved working as a corporate liaison for SUCCESS magazine, based in New York City.But as his friend, Adam Williams tells it, Guarino got that “call of the wild” after he visited Colorado in 1999 (he was born in Brooklyn).”The particular call he received was something to the effect of, ‘the corporate world can wait; amateur snowboarders at Breck need your help,'” Williams said.In fall 2002, he moved to Breckenridge and started teaching, then worked for Stan Miller, Inc. in the summer. By fall, 2006, he joined Boulder-based ARC and worked on the renovation at Summit Middle School.When the economy went south last year, he got laid off and started his own environmental consulting company, CKG Sustainable Project Management. Still, he was looking for another challenge – and that’s when he found the casting call.”Growing up in New York City, I always loved the theater,” Guarino said. “There was definitely a time in my life where I thought I may end up on Broadway, but I never made the commitment to follow through with it … I can’t say I regret not giving performing a shot, but it’s something that has stuck with me throughout the years that I’ve always wanted to try.”Until the A&E shows, he hadn’t done anything in theater since the new millennium, due to a lack of time, but “definitely not a lack of passion,” his wife, Kim Guarino said.After a second audition for “The Fugitive Chronicles,” director Simon George invited him to film the May 13th episode in Fairplay.”I was floored,” Chris Guarino said about the decision. “I had a lot of fun at the auditions but never really considered actually being cast.”He said being a part of the episodes was great – “very professional but surprisingly laid back at the same time.”He hasn’t heard back from George as to whether he’ll continue to appear in “the Fugitive Chronicles,” and for now, he’s happy working for Wember Inc., the project management firm in charge of the Village at Breckenridge renovation this summer. Whatever happens, he relishes the television experience.”It was nice to finally let the performer in me shine through,” he said.

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