Frisco church saves lives around the world |

Frisco church saves lives around the world

Cody Olivas
Frisco, CO Colorado

MBALE, Uganda ” Imagine a place where the people live in mud huts with thatched roofs. They practice subsistence farming ” only growing what they can eat ” and cook their food over a fire. To quench their thirst, women walk to the nearest creek and, while some bathe in the running water, they fill up the buckets and carry them back on their heads.

This isn’t a scene from the past ” it’s a modern-day scene from Uganda, Africa.

“The conditions are so primitive, it’s like stepping back 1,000 years,” said Pastor Bruce Miles of the Rocky Mountain Bible Church, a non-denominational church located in Frisco.

Miles, along with 18 members from his congregation and 18 members of other churches, will travel to eastern Uganda this Wednesday to help the people, literally saving lives by giving people access to safe drinking water.

“When we put a well in the word spreads; almost from day one there’s a steady stream of people,” Miles said. “For many it’s the only source of sanitary water. Otherwise they’re getting it from nasty standing water that cows walk through.”

Miles and the RMBC have now raised funds that have built four churches in Uganda, each containing wells and each costing around $50,000.

“When people find out what’s going on they’re generous and pretty receptive to helping,” Miles said. “It hasn’t been a tough sell (getting people to donate).”

The church has also purchased some medicine to help Ugandans fight malaria.

“Malaria medicine is cheap, they just don’t have it,” Miles said. “A little investment can literally save thousands of lives.”

The RMBC sends the money they raise ahead to Uganda, so when they arrive this week, a new church, a new pastor’s home and a new well will already be completed.

The church group will then team-up with local translators to spread the word of the church and invite people to attend its inauguration.

“It’s amazing the changes that take place in these people,” Miles said. On top of the wells helping people resolve stomach issues, he said a church “literally impacts an entire community.”

The RMBC teamed up with a Presbyterian church in Uganda, which Miles says has “a real vision.” By the end of this summer, together they’ll have built around 85 churches in the Third-World country.

One reason Uganda needs help is because of the AIDS virus. According to Miles, AIDS hit Uganda harder than any other country in Africa, wiping out one third of the adult population and leaving Uganda a country filled with children. He said 50 percent of Uganda’s population is under the age of 15.

“By our standards they’re poverty stricken, yet I’ve never seen people so happy,” Miles said. “Often we think, ‘what can we do’ ” here’s a place we can make a pretty good start; they’re the most gracious people you’d ever want to meet.”

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