Frisco opens new 9-hole disc golf course |

Frisco opens new 9-hole disc golf course

The town of Frisco has opened a new, nine-hole addition to its disc golf course.
Todd Powell, Frisco Peak One Golf Course |

Frisco announced the opening of a new, nine-hole disc golf course on Tuesday that will add to the original 18 holes at the town’s Peak One Disc Golf Course on the Peninsula Recreation Area. The new course will remain open as long as weather permits, probably about another month, the town said in its announcement.

“The feedback we received from the community about the Adventure Park and Peninsula has been invaluable and is providing an incredibly helpful and interesting roadmap into the area’s future,” assistant town manager and director of recreation Diane McBride said in a news release. “Likely, next year will bring even more exciting additions, which will serve to deepen the recreational experience at the Park.”

This summer has also seen changes to the original 18-hole course. Holes 4, 5 and 6 were moved to accommodate the new Lake Access Trail, which was built to provide shoreline access after the Iron Springs road construction project led to the closure of the Dickey Day Use Area.

The Lake Access Trail currently connects the Frisco Adventure Park area to the Perimeter Trail, which runs along the shore of Lake Dillon. When the trail is completed next year, it will be a 3K loop, the town said.

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