Frisco studio has 2-woman show |

Frisco studio has 2-woman show

Leslie Brefeld
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

FRISCO, Colorado ” Artists Helene Strebel and Brenda Fox, both second-home owners in Summit County, will feature their work in a two-woman show at the Wildside Studio in Frisco.

Dubbed “Bold Color-Bold Images,” the two painters’ work is alike in their use of bright colors but differs in subject.

Strebel, a native of Switzerland, now resides full time in Castle Rock. As an abstract artist, she said the natural beauty of Colorado inspires her, although she sees it in forms and shapes.

“Even though I have square pieces, the formations out there are so incredible,” Strebel said. “I’m not trying to copy it, but incorporate it in my paintings.”

Along with the bold colors and shapes in her paintings, she also includes items like puzzle pieces and music sheets, in some of the work shown in the Frisco exhibit.

Strebel was recently exposed to the work of Brenda Fox, a Washington D.C. resident who lives part-time in Silverthorne, and thought their similar color palette would make a good dual show.

Fox’s work, although nonrepresentational, is focused on figures.

She said of her process, “I typically start with a model, and then let the painting talk to me, letting the application of color or texture lead me away from where I started to something different.”

For Fox, the art is all about the mystery.

“Yes, I do figures, but I don’t care if they look like the models,” she said. “It’s more to create for the viewer enough curiosity for them to want to make up their own story on what the painting is all about.”

The “Bold Color-Bold Images” exhibit will hang through the end of March.

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