Frogs Gone Fishin’ play State Bridge on Friday |

Frogs Gone Fishin’ play State Bridge on Friday

Caramie Schnell
Special to the Daily

BOND — Oftentimes when you ask a musician about a certain venue they’ll talk about the acoustics, or the off-the-hook energy from the crowd, or the bouncing floor, as was the case with the long-gone Club 8150, which got razed in 2007 to make room for what is now Solaris.

Musicians who take the stage at State Bridge Riverside Amphitheater might notice something else that’s a bit strange for the times — less people looking down at a cellphone in their hands. For Trevor Jones of the band Frogs Gone Fishin’, that’s his favorite thing about playing State Bridge.

“No cell phone service,” he said. “It makes a huge difference in how people pay attention and treat each other. On a bigger level, when the wider community in Vail has such a great venue at their doorstep, great things happen.”

The rocking funk band takes the State Bridge stage tonight, as part of the Summer Sessions weekend. Jones took the time to talk to the Vail Daily about the band’s upcoming third album, what it was like to play in New Orleans during Jazz Fest and some big changes ahead for the four-man band.

Vail Daily: Tell me what’s new in Frogs Gone Fishin’s world?

Trevor Jones: Frogs are engaging in some different work this year, while maintaining a healthy music schedule. (Andrew) Portwood has accepted a job in New Orleans, which will bring him close to the music community that I once called home. Having someone on the ground there will help us tour more in the south. I’ll be heading back to school at (the University of Denver) to learn about how we can do something productive for the world with this wonderful network we’ve built up in the Vail Valley and around Colorado.

VD: How will you being in school and Andrew being in New Orleans affect the future of Frogs?

TJ: It will make it better. People can expect to see us at bigger venues. We may not play as often, but when we do, it will be a much more coordinated, built-up effort. Expect big things after the album comes out.

VD: You’ve been working on your third album, “Back to the Hills.” When do you expect to release it? What can you tell us about it?

TJ: We are thinking the album will be available in July for download. Producing it ourselves for the first time has been enlightening; trusting our own ears to do the heavy lifting, so to speak. It’s really an issue of quality control. We don’t want to release anything that’s less than perfect and we hope people understand that, time-wise.

VD: You got to play in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. What was the most memorable show during that week?

TJ: When we go to New Orleans, it differs a little bit from traditional touring. Although we play shows in clubs on the way down, in Oklahoma and Texas, our time at Jazz Fest is spent playing a daily, post-fest concert outside the festival grounds. The last night — night seven — is always a special one, because a very tight bond starts to emerge between the band, the owners of the house where the concert is staged and all the other artists and characters walking around. It’s a live-in, musical residence with all the elements of a New Orleans party that tends to last way past when the sun goes down.

VD: Rumor has it you’re putting on some sort of contest at the State Bridge show this weekend. Give us the details.

TJ: Everyone can visit and enter to win two tickets for the whole weekend, a Yurt and a signed poster by Frogs.

VD: When was the last time you were there? Any good/crazy/funny State Bridge stories? Spill it…

TJ: I played the soft opening several weekends ago and had an incredible amount of fun. Last year the MTHDS and Frogs partied until dawn after they brought their life-sized robot-man on stage for our set.

VD: What band are you most excited to see while you’re up at State Bridge this weekend?

TJ: String Board Theory and Frogs have had some fun times partying together. Things get so friendly out there I would expect a lot of collaboration.

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