Frogs Gone Fishing guitarist saying farewell to Eagle County |

Frogs Gone Fishing guitarist saying farewell to Eagle County

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When Andrew Portwood takes the stage with Dark Star Orchestra Saturday night, it will be the last time fans will get to see him play in Eagle County for a while.

The Frogs Gone Fishin’ guitar player is moving from his home in Eagle to New Orleans, where he hopes to refocus his music. Saturday’s State Bridge show will be his last local appearance before making the move.

“The band’s been hitting the road pretty hard for the last five years with only a couple albums out, so our focus down there is going to be on writing and recording,” said Portwood. “We’re hoping to build the catalog up again for the next five years.”

Tonight Portwood will perform with a handful of other special guests, including: Rob Eaton Jr. (My Brothers Keeper), James Dumm (Fox Street All Stars), Alex Scott (Frogs Gone Fishin’) and others.

Portwood said Frogs Gone Fishin’ has always considered New Orleans to be their second home, and have always found inspiration there.

“The rebirth of the city has been really encouraging for young musicians,” said Portwood. “So I’ll be trying to bring the Colorado-New Orleans connection a little bit closer … I’ve been writing bluegrass music and folk music living in Eagle, so I’m sure living down in New Orleans will bring the funk and the horn lines back into the music. “

A graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Portwood is also hoping that being closer to that city, another destination city for musicians, will help him expand the Frogs’ sound.

“I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with some folks from Nashville and some people from the music-business program at Belmont,” he said.

For local fans of the Frogs’ sound, the move is one to be excited about, despite the fact that the band won’t be playing any more local shows for a while. Portwood says the next time you see the group playing here in Colorado, it will likely be 2014, and it will be a much different show.

“We’re really looking forward to recording new songs down in New Orleans where we’ll get some horns on them,” said Portwood. “Next time we come to Colorado people will still recognize the Frogs sound, but hopefully they’ll also notice a lot of new songs that we haven’t recorded yet.”

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