From dirty rap to gypsy chant |

From dirty rap to gypsy chant

Charlie OwenVail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily Tonight, singer-songwriter Carey Ott plays Mango's in Red Cliff.

Here’s the lowdown on the band scene today thorugh Saturday.Get on the busTonight at 8150, Long Beach Short Bus brings the California love to Vail. LBSB’s brand of reggae-rock is straight from the surfing life-style of southern California, but it’s heavy guitar riffs and groovy bass lines can appeal to anybody. They also know how to crank up the tempo with songs like “Slow Down,” a fast paced guitar and drums driven song that should have all moshers in the pit. If they sound a little bit like Sublime, it’s because the bassist, Eric Wilson, used to play for them. They also have the former singer for the Long Beach Dub Allstars, Ras One, on vocals and lead guitar. This is the perfect band to go see now that the weather is starting to warm up and everyone has sand and palm trees on their minds. Metal band Defying Gravity opens up for them.

Stars and stripes, big and brightLoaded Joe’s presents Brad Manosevitz tonight for an evening of “Texas Music.” You may recognize Brad if you have been to one of Coyote Gospel’s shows here in the valley; he plays bass for them. He is stepping on the stage solo tonight with a variety of cover songs and originals. Manosevitz cites legends like Steve Earl, The Who and Tom Petty as some of his biggest influences. His music reflects his Texas roots with sincerity and honesty. Fans of good country and folk music won’t want to miss this one.From the heart in Red Cliff

Head to Mango’s in Red Cliff to hear singer/songwriter Carey Ott play moving songs in an intimate setting. Ott is on the road promoting his new CD, “Lucid Dream,” and has had his music featured on “Grey’s Anatomy.” These are songs with heart and a lot of feeling, in the same vein as David Gray and Josh Rouse. His music paints pictures, and builds on stories and characters that feel drawn from real life.Most-wanted rockBreaking and Entering will be stealing the show Friday night at the Rumpus Room, playing good old rock ‘n’ roll and outlaw country the way it should be – straight up. Powerful vocals and a gritty, distorted guitar sound are driven by solid rhythm to comprise some really great original music. The lyrics will resonate with the political minded and protest crowd, but the music will surely please any one who loves a dose of working man’s rock.

No parents allowedStill as nasty as they wanna be, 2 Live Crew will be performing at 8150 Saturday night, a show that’s perfect for the bouncing floor. The late ’80s and early ’90s saw 2 Live Crew labeled as “obscene” and had parents from all over the world upset and irate, mostly due to the popularity of their song “Me So Horny.” They pretty much invented the need for the parental advisory sticker on albums. The line-up has changed quite a bit since those early days, but Fresh Kid Ice and Luke Skyywalker are still holding things together. Though they have never again reached the heights that they achieved during their early years, they still put on one hell of a show. Go for the nostalgia, or go because you never got to see them the first time around. 2 Live Crew’s contribution to the growth of modern hip-hop had always been underrated, so don’t sell yourself short. Go see this show.Gypsies in Vail

Sunday night go tribal with Kan’Nal at 8150. It’s a world music experience combined with fuzzy guitars and Latin influences. Crazy is the only word I can think of to describe their sound. Bongo drums, dancers, costumes and a nether-world feel to the performance all add to the mystique of Kan’Nal. Guaranteed to be one of the most interesting shows you will see in a while. Little Hercules will also be playing with Kan’Nal.=========================The Weekend RundownToday – Long Beach Short Bus at 8150 at 10 p.m., metal band Defying Gravity opens up /Brad Manosevitz at Loaded Joe’s at 9 p.m./Carey Ott at Mango’s at 8 p.m.

Friday – Breaking and Entering at Rumpus Room at 9 p.m.Saturday – 2 Live Crew at 8150 at 10 p.m.Sunday – Kan’Nal w/Little Hercules at 8150 at 9 p.m.======================

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