From Sea Level column: Vail Daily intern enjoys community’s willingness to try about anything |

From Sea Level column: Vail Daily intern enjoys community’s willingness to try about anything

Lindsay Bribiescas
From Sea Level
Macy Brandt, 5, takes a tumble in a mud pit at the Mudzilla obstacle course in Gypsum.
Lindsay Bribiescas | |

On Saturday, I watched a group of adults and teenagers at the Team Mudzilla Run plow through puddles, haul tires and crawl over dirt hills. Every single person came out soaked in mud and sweat, and I’m pretty sure each one of them went back in for at least one more lap. Some people sprinted the whole thing, and some people dragged themselves around the course, but each of them did it.

And then the course opened to the smaller children, who ended up pulling their parents through the same obstacles.

Which is another thing about the Vail Valley — in my three weeks here, I’ve noticed people are willing to push beyond their comfort zones and try something new. At least for me, it’s always been hard to start something new and risk looking foolish as a beginner. I’m notoriously clumsy, so attempting to play tennis in high school was terrifying for me, and hilarious for my team to watch me roll across the court. I’ve become a bit better at risking falling down, but I would like to rise to the level of people here.

It was pointed out to me that it’s not so much that people don’t care how they look, but rather that they don’t mind being a beginner. It’s easy to fall into the active lifestyle around here, largely because it’s so ingrained in almost every aspect. There’s gyms and pools and yoga studios everywhere, and most things I’ve been invited to aren’t coffee dates or anything like that, but hikes, trips to a lake or yoga.

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My first weekend out here, I was taken on a hike. Although I’ve rarely hiked, it wasn’t hard to get me out there — and apparently that amenability is pretty normal. There were people in jeans and converse shoes walking the same trail as people in full hiking gear — going at different paces, sure, but having just as much fun.

I’ve met people here who are willing to walk into barre studios, just to give it a try, even though they don’t really like exercising. Elsewhere, I know plenty of people unwilling to do even workout videos at home, for fear of being seen falling down through the window. So it’s intriguing to me that people here aren’t afraid of being seen falling down or out of breath, and that other people are genuinely pleased to see people out being active, regardless of skill level.

And the open-mindedness doesn’t apply simply to sports and exercise, although that is a large part of it. With all of the different shows going on around the valley, it’s easy for people to pick one at random and give it a shot. It’s normal for people who might not know much about classical music to head to a Bravo! Vail show, or for someone to head to a country concert simply for kicks.

It’s fun to watch people try something new, and it’s even better when they find out they actually like what they’re trying. And, let’s be real — it’s kind of fun to watch a little kid face plant into a mud puddle, simply to get back up and keep running.

Lindsay Bribiescas is interning at the Vail Daily this summer. She attended UCLA for one year and calls Santa Rosa, California, home. After the summer, she’ll head to St. Andrews in Scotland to finish her college degree. Contact her at

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