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Full-strength beers roll into stores and parks across Colorado on Jan. 1

By ANDREW KENNEY | The Denver Post
The 3.2 rule will go away for 1,600 grocery and convenience stores New Year’s Day
David Zalubowski/AP

As the sun rises on New Year’s Day, delivery trucks will be on their way to hundreds of supermarkets and convenience stores across Colorado.

They’ll be loaded with beer — and not just any beer. Full-strength beer.

On Jan. 1, after years of debate, Colorado’s unusual booze rules are set to change. The state will effectively erase its 3.2 beer law, a Prohibition-era restriction that prevented most general stores from selling full-strength beer.

Among other changes coming into effect:

  • All forms of alcoholic beverages will be allowed in most state parks. Full-strength beer, wine and champagne will be allowed in Denver parks. Currently, those areas are limited to 3.2 beer.
  • Convenience and grocery stores with beer licenses can start selling full-strength beer, including nearly 200 in Denver alone.
  • Grocery and convenience stores can start delivering beer, as liquor stores already do.
  • A limited number of additional grocery stores will be allowed to sell liquor and wine.

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