Functional yoga and barefoot training session on Saturday in Avon |

Functional yoga and barefoot training session on Saturday in Avon

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What: Functional Yoga and Barefoot Training with Meredith Abbot.

Where: Synergy Center for Wellness, Avon.

When: Saturday, Feb. 22, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Cost: $35.

More information: Call 970-748-1911 to enroll, or visit to learn more.

AVON — Yoga therapy can be incredibly helpful for improving athletic performance, preventing athletic injury and returning athletes to their sport post-injury. As part of Synergy’s new Yoga for Healing program, Meredith Abbott, certified yoga teacher and barefoot training specialist, will be conducting a workshop on functional yoga and barefoot training on Saturday afternoon. Abbott’s yoga therapy is based on her work in Denver with athletes of all levels — from recreational runners, to collegiate athletes, to elite professional UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Fighters.

This workshop will look at yoga therapy from a functional movement perspective, restoring mobility for the active person. Yoga postures and corrective exercise will be covered for common foot and ankle dysfunction, knee injuries, low back pain and shoulder injuries. This workshop will go one step beyond common yoga alignment cues and yoga therapy techniques for just making a practitioner more comfortable, and will focus on restoring performance mobility so that one may return to sport or physical activity.

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