Funktion brings the funk to Avon |

Funktion brings the funk to Avon

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyMichigan band Funktion performs a free show Wednesday night at Castle Peak Grille.

Last time Michigan band Funktion played in town, it was on a Sunday afternoon in May 2011, smack dab in the middle of off season, and the show came together relatively last minute. In other words, the band wasn’t expecting much in terms of a crowd. But around 250 people showed up at Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards to hear what the band had to offer.

“It was awesome,” said Jeremy Reisig, who plays hand percussion in the seven member Kalamazoo-based band. “And the crowd was amazing for a Sunday afternoon. On a Sunday afternoon you might expect the audience to be tame, but they were dancing and getting down and paying attention to the music, which for us musicians makes us feel good and it’s just a really good vibe.”

It’s that cyclical energy between the band and the audience that drives Reisig and his bandmates.

“It’s just a transfer of energy between people who are watching the music and us, we’re kind of one. That give and take is really important,” he said.

The band, which specializes in funk/soul/groove/hip hop and rock, returns to town Wednesday for a free show at Castle Peak Grille in Avon. The music will start at 6 p.m. and go until 9 p.m.

Edwards resident Derek Greco has been friends with Reisig for five years, which is about how long the band has been together. Greco organized last years show and he’s spent the last two weeks promoting tonight’s show, handing out flyers and CDs.

“You know what I tell people when I hand them the CD? I say listen to this and try to keep your butt on your chair,” said Greco who owns local interior design business Greco Design Group and Attention to Detail Auto Spa. “You’re going to be compelled to boogie, it’s a foregone conclusion.

“This is what I can say about Funktion,” Greco continued. “I have two of their albums and I have listened to their music constantly, and just abused it. I listened to it over and over and I’m still not sick of it, that says a lot about someone’s music.”

Tonight’s show marks day six of a 35 day tour called the Road to Planet Groove Tour, Reisig said.

“We’re doing 33 shows in 35 days,” Reisig said, admitting that the constant travel isn’t always easy but it’s quite worthwhile.

“We recognize that nothing comes easy, especially in this business,” he said. “You have to work. But we love playing music and at the end of the day, there’s something about the connection between the crowd and us. That’s why I do it.”

Marisa Selvy, co-owner of Crazy Mountain Brewing Company in Edwards, saw Funktion play last year.

“We brought our stage outside to the parking lot and they performed out there for a few hours,” she said. “It was awesome. I remember telling my husband ‘I wish we could afford to book them for our wedding’ because everyone was dancing. The music really got the crowd off their feet; it was really impressive.”

Turns out the band does perform at weddings. On May 5 the band will perform in San Diego, at Greco’s upcoming wedding.

“Jeremy is one of my best friends and the only way to get him there, since they’re touring, was to book them for it,” Greco said.

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