Funny page one photo in Vail Daily on Sunday |

Funny page one photo in Vail Daily on Sunday

Marc Bathgate
Vail, CO, Colorado

So I understand that Vail is trying to attract a younger crowd, which may or may not be working, but from the looks of the cover photo on Jan. 4, it looks as through the “invisible person” crowd is here already.

Knit hats must be the head covering of choice for these illusive guests, however, since that’s all that appears in the photo.

Was there a vampire at the Red Lion that night? Or perhaps a knit-hat-wearing ghost?

Or maybe it’s just an optical illusion due to the Red Lion’s new hanging hat decor?

Regardless, I think the situation deserves a little further investigation, or perhaps just a little more Photoshopping.

In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for Vail to cater more to this new and mysterious skier demographic. They have skiing for the blind. Why not bright vests to denote “skiing for the invisible?”

Marc Bathgate

Editor’s note: The effect of a dark-haired person, dressed in black with a light-colored cap, with his or her back to the camera, produced the effect described.

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