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G.O.P guilt

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

The Republicans have scuttled yet another Democratic attempt to end the misery in Iraq.

This time, GOP senators squashed the Democratic proposal to begin withdrawing troops from the quagmire, the fiasco, the Civil War by Christmas and have the military back home in a year.

It may be painted as a defeat for Democrats, but the fact that Republicans didn’t even let the matter come to a vote ” so it could be vetoed by the president ” shows how guilty most of them probably feel about the disaster they voted for when Donald Rumsfeld promised the war would be a shockingly awesome walk in the park.

The Republicans in Congress can learn something from Brent Buscher, a Cordillera boy, and his family, who’ve started a nonprofit called Project Save Our Soldiers that will raise money to help wounded troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The organization also supports an end to war, making the connection that Republicans can’t between standing behind the troops and getting them out of the way of roadside bonds and sniper fire.

Unfortunately, as long as Republicans are ” unlike Hillary Clinton or John Edwards ” haunted by their terrible misjudgment, they will continue to bow to the president’s dead-end strategies that, rather than stabilize Iraq, are only getting more Americans and Iraqis killed.

After such presidential incompetence, it seems Iraq is likely to spiral into hideous violence whether we stay another week or another decade ” or until the Democrat who takes over the White House brings the troops home.

Its time for the Republican leadership to lead, and help bring our men and women home from George W. Bush’s catastrophe.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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