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Gag Order, Too

Movin’ right into it.Gag Order, TooYoung Mr. Bryant’s attorneys are aghast, shocked and appalled that folks want to get their hands on police reports and Bryant’s statements to the sheriff’s investigators. Bryant’s lawyers say “no member of the public or media should be permitted to manipulate and abuse for salacious and other improper purposes the evidence, audio recordings and other materials in this case.” They want everything sealed. Of course, the whole deal revolves around briefs, legal and otherwise. And that leads us straight to the heart of the matter: If Bryant had kept his own briefs sealed he wouldn’t be in this mess.

Birthday BrigadeIf you see the tall blonde Lise-Lotte out and about today, make sure she keeps a tall glass of chardonnay in front of her. Hope you have a great birthday, Princess P.

Apostle CoffeeOne of the world’s finest coffees has arrived in Colorado for the first time. It’s Costa Rican coffee, and it’s on sale next Saturday and Sunday. Since it’s for the benefit of the Peter Apostle family, and since Peter Apostle is one of our all-time favorite humans, go to Radio Shack in Avon Sept. 18-19. Then buy a bunch of it.How ’bout dem Dems

The Kedwards ticket may feature two Johns, but reporters covering the Democratic convention say there weren’t nearly enough johns, the Associated Press reports:Twenty portable restrooms, like those used on construction sites, are lined up in front of the media pavilion to service nearly 1,200 members of the print media worked around the clock. That’s about 60 serious coffee-drinkers per toilet.”That’s absurd,” said (the delightfully named) Jim Drinkard, a political reporter for USA Today, when he heard of the ratio of toilets per media member. “This is not the type of planning you’d expect out of someone trying to be a good host.” Drinkard, who is also the chairman of the Standing Committee of Correspondents, said he was told by the DNCC, the committee in charge of planning the convention, that the lack of toilets was a move aimed at cutting costs.It could be cost-cutting, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the committee just misunderstood an order to cut back on press leaks.

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