Gallegos wins award for fireplace |

Gallegos wins award for fireplace

WOLCOTT – The Gallegos Corporation has won an award for a Colorado buff sandstone fireplace it designed for the Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia, Colorado.Masonry Construction Magazine named The Gallegos Corporation winner in the best fireplace category. “We are not trying to impress architects and owners on how pretty a building looks,” said Rick Yelton, editor of Masonry Construction. “We have selected projects in which the mason contractor used his mind as well as his technical skills.”The fireplace’s veneer is highly detailed with cleft and snapped face sandstone, and has 9-inch thick hearths h.”Because this venue is used for numerous charitable events, it made the project that much more special for us,” said Gerald Gallegos, the company’s chief executive “I am very pleased to have our company receive this award.”In addition to the stonework, The Gallegos Corporation also did decorative concrete and stucco and designed water features. Vail, Colorado

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