Gallery hosts Bradley chance hays |

Gallery hosts Bradley chance hays

Vail Fine Art Gallery hosts Bradley Chance Hays for his Vegas to Vail tour, painting live each day from 4 to 6 p.m. Dec. 14-18 inside The Sebastian-Vail, located at 16 Vail Road. The abstract expressionist Western artist was the main event inside the grand lobby and store of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, painting live each day for huge crowds during NFR Dec. 1-10. Wrangler endorsed a clothing line featuring Hays' artwork on shirts, which debuted at the same time at the MGM Grand Las Vegas store. Hays finished second in tie-down calf roping in the First Frontier Rodeo Circuit and qualified for the finals there this January. Come meet this very collectible and accomplished artist in Vail! Contact Vail Fine Art Gallery for artwork and more information at 970-476-2900 and

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